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Do Lash Extensions damage your natural lashes?

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep in a little more every morning? And when you do roll out of bed already have makeup on? For a non-morning person like myself, I just couldn't resist the allure of Lash Extensions. As this luxury beauty service becomes more and more mainstream, I get asked one question repeatedly. Do extensions cause my lashes to fall out? The answer is NO, and MAYBE, and sometimes YES!

Maintaining Lash Health

The most important job as a Lash Artist is keeping our clients natural lashes healthy, because if they get damaged then there are no lashes to put extensions on! Yikes!

First thing is making sure we are placing the appropriate weight and length on each lash. If the lash extension is too heavy or too long it can create stress and the natural lash might come out sooner than it should.

The second part is to properly isolate the natural lashes from one another. This is to avoid multiple extensions and natural lashes clumping together. If more than one natural lash is stuck together, one can pull the other out if it is in a different growth phase. That why "stickys" are the worst!

The last part is going over proper maintenance and aftercare. Making sure our clients understand that lashes need to be washed daily to prevent build up and irritation.

If a lash artist doesn't take the time to analyze the natural lashes every visit and doesn't address these issues, it unfortunately can cause your natural lashes to become stressed and shed prematurely.

How to avoid lash fallout

The best way to avoid this situation is to find an experienced and reputable lash artist and/or lash studio. Do your research! Please don't go with the least expensive just because you want to try it, because you get what you pay for when it comes to lash extensions. Remember this service is around your eye, so make sure the lash artist you select comes recommended and has good reviews, but most importantly has had training. Being Certified is different than being Licensed, and the requirements vary state to state. I would also check out their Instagram or website for pictures!


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